scent garden


Picked from gardens, valleys, deserts, forests, seasides & mountains, infused together to create luxurious, intimate scents full of history & lore, nature & heavens.

As you will see when browsing our online shops, not all scent blends are available in each product because the product & scent combos are selected carefully for specific reasons – the  pricier scents are usually turned into perfumes rather than scrubs – the scent blends intended for skin types/skin “problems” as usually body potions & elixirs – etc – but we can do almost any scent in any product though they may be more expensive.

* denotes this blend is a mixture of essential oils/absolutes/resins/extracts & phthalate-free, nitro-musk-free & paraben-free fragrance oils. If a scent is available in body care form AND candle form, the candle will be made from said combo of natural fragrance & man-made fragrance, so it will be slightly different in scent than the more ‘green’ ‘earthy’ body care counterpart scent.

❦ Earth Goddess Body Shop’s Scent Menu:  Arranged by scent house (a grouping of fragrances that are somewhat similar in olfactory factors – i.e. florals, gourmand, earthy, etc) for easier selection ❦

THE FLOWER GARDENS / here you will find true florals, both fully fragrant & softened with green fields❦

APHRODITE (GODDESS OF LOVE) /  Born from the sea, bare feet crushing irresistible petals of ylang ylang, offering a sensual red rose, surrounded by night-blooming jasmine under the sultry moonlight.

ANTHEIA (FLOWER NYMPHS) / Fragrant purple lavender fields sweetened & candied with lemon & vanilla

CHLORIS (GODDESS OF FLOWERS) / She sits in a bed of blossoms, sultry jasmine & ylang ylang petals fall around sweet vanilla-like benzoin

CLEOPATRA / Conquering, The Empress of Luxury, soft baths of elegance, roses, roses & more roses, with a hint of milk & honey, in the sight of an asp.

DATURA / In Victorian conservatories, surrounded by exotic flowers of jasmine, angel trumpet, pink roses, tuberose & the like, ladies in bell dresses sit, holding steaming green tea to dripping moonflowers, causing strange sensations… Hints of dreamy lavender flower — Winding vines, clinging ivy, creeps up & strangles those in its way — Infatuation, the pink, venomous kiss from magnificent flowers, toxins of love in a green jungle. / THIS IS AN EXPENSIVE SCENT – YOU WILL ONLY GET HALF A VIAL OF THIS BABY!

DEADLY NIGHTSHADE / Into the Devil’s Garden, tended year round by ladies with dilated pupils, entrancing ylang ylang petals steal the show, growing with lavender buds and white jasmine, and dark, aged patchouli leaves drenched in melting amber.

HATHOR (COW & SKY GODDESS) / myrrh & rose

LADY OF THE FLOWERS / She lays in fresh fields of blue, purple & pink, soft herbal lavender & bright geranium grown besides palmarosa & sweet sweet oranges

LEDA / Soft jasmine blossoms beneath calming, soothing neroli & heart-opening yarrow

FLOWER MAIDEN / Sought-after vivacious green lands, beyond a door found only in daydreams while propped against old willows, of lush grass, tall & wild, nesting deep within purple violets.

LOVENTA / Warm rosy cheeks & fluttering eyelashes, she walks with blossoms of pink geranium, of bright orange blossoms, of all things good and cheerful, beside shoppes with sweet amber cakes drizzled in frankincense honey.

MELISSA (GODDESS OF BEES) / luscious lavender & honey-benzoin

THE MUSES / Born from the ocean, twirled in flowering vines, sensual vanilla melds with copaiba balsam poured on ylang ylang petals

OPHELIA / Immerse yourself in a brook beneath a willow tree, surrounded by a garden of flowers, sandalwood, sultry jasmine & vanilla bring you eternal love…

RHIANNON (GODDESS OF THE MOON) / White witch, blossoming neroli, geraniums, sweet benzoin, ylang ylang & primrose

SWAN / jasmine, myrrh & lemon

THE DEEP FORESTS / here you will find woodsy scents, green & fresh❦

ARTEMIS (GODDESS OF WOODLANDS, HUNT & MOON) /  In tune with the deer and the birds and the tree nymphs, of deep, healing woods filled with eucalyptus, tea tree, cedarwood & pine, with hint of wildflower.

CERNUNNOS / The horned god, lurking in woodlands, shrouded by woods of cedar, tall, deep grass of vetiver, awakening rosemary to excite the mind, hooves trampling tangerine squeeze.

THE DRYADS (WOODLAND NYMPHS) / The nymphs of the woodlands trample through ancient woods of cedar & juniper, and moss carpets growing on old oaks. A fantastically unisex scent, rich with nature & thriving with green life.

FOREST MAIDEN / Into wet, fertile woods, inviting, green & brown with life, she hides beneath tree canopies. The spicy, sweet scent of cinnamon over pine carpets, wet wood of cedar, rain quenching thirsty wildflowers of jasmine & violets.

GREEN MAN / Cedar woods, overgrown & untamed, thick smoke of clove bud & thick, thick fir trees.

HERNE THE HUNTER / Hidden in darkness, seen by only those who wander & wonder, hooded, approaching from wood of black spruce, musky spikenard & smoke of elemi.

HUNTRESS / In tune with the birds, the bears & the lunar cycle, hidden in woods of cedar, juniper, oak & pine, carpets of moss, wild raspberries & wild forest flowers. *

LADY OF THE GREEN / Lakes winding through wood, she steps out from tree shadows, face vegetated in green, healing berry of juniper & soft jasmines growing in the loam.

THOR (GOD OF THUNDER) / Woods of cedar, spicy black pepper & tangy bergamot

WOLF / fir pine, patchouli, amyris, balsams, tangerine & ylang ylang

BEAR / deep earth, old oak trees, cypress woods, thick moss, musky flower & sweet geranium

DEEP DIRT / here you will find earthy, deep scents❦

BLODEUWEDD (GODDESS OF SPRING & THE MOON) / Of nine sacred powers, found through woods of rose bushes & cedar trees, thick & rich with dark, sexy vetiver & dripping, luscious vanilla.

BRIGID (GODDESS OF SPRING, HEALING & ART) / Keeper of the fire & holy wells, deep & earthy with angelica root, myrrh, verbena, lemon, fennel & bergamot.

FERN & WILLOW / Swaying, weeping, unfurling, thick labdanum, sleepy sandalwood & spiced, sweet cardamom.

DANU / MOTHER GODDESS OF EARTH & WISDOM / earthy carrot seed, rejuvenating juniper berry & soothing lavender + carrot, turmeric & hibiscu

DESDEMONA / Through thickets of dark patchouli, secrets of the night, shaded by pungent jasmine, thick smoke of orange & struck down by allspice.

HEL (GODDESS OF THE UNDERWORLD) / Half beautiful woman of rose, jasmine & lemon, half decaying with patchouli, labdanum & cardamom

MANDRAKE / Torn from the earth, deep and dark with patchouli, myrrh, sandalwood & nutmeg, shrieking roots, screaming notes of mandarin & ylang ylang.

MUSHROOM TEA / A trippy, deep & damp brew: Green tea infused with forest mushrooms, carrot seeds, smoking cloves, dark vetiver, sweetened with lemon & a touch of bergamot…then trampled in garden dirt

ZENOBIA (EMPRESS OF PALMYRENE) / The Great Warrior Queen, violent clove & patchouli are trampled in herbal fields of lavender & crushed petals of ylang ylang.

OF SMOKE & SPICE / here you will find deep resinous, smoky & fiery scents❦

CARAVAN / Through thick forests of cedar, pouring out hazy pipe tobacco, with rich saffron spiced chocolates stained with black vanilla. Deep, bold, decadent, sweet.

CYBELE (GODDESS OF MOUNTAINS & WILD ANIMALS) /  Found roaming with lions, a smoky bonfire in the middle of mountain woods, toasting hazelnuts over open fire, spiced and sweetened with sugar, nutmeg & cinnamon.  Not for the faint-hearted.

ISHTAR (GODDESS OF LOVE, SEX, FERTILITY & WAR) / Descended into the Underworld, fiery with sexuality & love, thick thighs of cedarwood drenched in honey-like resins, spiced with cardamom & cinnamon

PELE (FIRE GODDESS) / She warms with vetiver & citrus oils of lime & lemon

OF HAZE & RESIN / here you will find mellow resinous scents❦

CIRCE (GODDESS OF MAGICK) / Daughter of the sun, Circe is a heady, hazy heaven of patchouli, caramelized tobacco, nag champa incense: mellow sandalwood and frangipani, with hints of orange citrus daze, floral ylang ylang & palmarosa, sweet anise star, and spicy bergamot.

DRAGON / Fresh spilled dragon’s blood from the slain beast, melded from soft balsams & thick herbs, squeezed with juicy bloody oranges & mandarins.

NOTT / goddess of night / shrouded in darkness, sweet orange peeks through night clouds of balsams & elemi

PASITHEA / Goddess of deep meditation, of myrrh & of frankincense, of roses, chamomile & cedarwood, and a hint of sandalwood

PSYCHE / Fresh frankincense & elemi make a bed for lavender & ever-changing tangerines

PYTHIA / When Apollo spoke, he spoke through her, through fits of ecstasy, through haze of sandalwood & amber, wet petals of night-blooming jasmine, thick patchouli & galbanum, a full moon of grapefruit, and Apollo’s sacred bay leaf

QUEEN OF SHEBA / Traveling to a rich palace, the gift of gold, the tears of frankincense and myrrh, with hints of Ethiopian coffee and sensual rose, and holding the answers to questions not yet asked…

OF SEA, ICE & BREEZE / here you will find fresh, minty scents❦

AMPHITRITE / Seas of lime & litsea citrus, tossing, turning, crushing sage & nutmeg, with waves of benzoin, sea breeze & ylang ylang

FREYJA (GODDESS OF LOVE, WAR & DEATH) / Golden hair beneath an orange moon, vanilla white snow as chilling as peppermint, soft rose kisses

LADY OF THE LAKE (Queen of Avalon) / she lays in wait beneath the surface, reflections & ripples, soft mists & lily pads of slight spearmint

MYSTIC MERMAID / Mystic Mermaid is an elusive blend, hidden in sea caves & behind seaweed. A chilling wave of peppermint & water mint crushes into soft pink sea roses & lavender, then tumbled with fresh salt from the sea.

THE NAIADS (FRESH WATER NYMPHS) / Wading through breezes of spearmint, chilling and renewing, sweet lime, and soft, soothing lavender. Like a mojito 😉

THE NEREIDS (OCEAN NYMPHS) / Luring sailors to the depths of the great blue, salty kisses, refreshing & healing, the Nereids takes you under waves of minty rosemary, softened by lemon & lime.

POSEIDON / deep sea earth & weed of vetiver, coral that look like roses & lime crashed into seawater from pirate ships of yore.

RAN (SEA GODDESS) / She drowns your skin in the immense unknown, its fine Irish moss & pulverized seaweed, and pulls landlocked cedarwood & eucalyptus oils ashore, until they succumb to great waters

SEDNA (GODDESS OF THE SEA) / energizing rosemary & awakening grapefruit

SKADI (GODDESS OF WINTER) / She roams among wolves, scented with chilling peppermint avalanches, woods of cedar, and a light dusting of orange blossom.

TETHYS (GODDESS OF SEAS) / Storms of cedarwood, crushed with awakening eucalyptus, deep deep patchouli & salted orange seas.

OF SPICES & SWEETMEATS / here you will find exotic pairings of sweet & spice ❦

ABSINTHE / Hallucinatingly delirious & delicious, unbottle the green faerie & let the visions pour out, anise, mugwort, wormwood & fennel–herbal, green, cinnamony, with hints of clove, poured over a vanilla sugar cube.

BRANWEN (GODDESS OF LOVE) / Sensual, parting rose petals, hot and spicy black pepper, dark and rich cocoa & smooth, velvet vanilla.

BUTTERFLY WOMAN / Balsams are crushed in petals of palmarosa & geranium, spiced with cardamom, then tumbled in pink grapefruit & bergamot

HEKATE (GODDESS OF MAGICK & CROSSROADS) / A bubbling, boldly mysterous cauldron of: black flowers, rotten grapefruits, spicy nutmeg, sweet cinnamon & dark coffee.

INANNA (GODDESS OF SEXUALITY) / wet vanilla is drizzled over juicy oranges, trampled in cacao & sweetly spiced with sexy cardamom

JULIET / Star-cross’d lovers, climbing up a rose trellis, by any other name would smell as sweet, doused in decadent, maddening, arousing chocolate.

QETESH (GODDESS OF SEDUCTION) / Jasmine opens, blossoming in darkness, pinned under steamy vanilla & rich, spicy cardamom

RAVEN / Spiced pumpkin pie fresh out the oven, topped with molasses & warm vanilla sugar ~ Absolutely delicious

ROSE & THORN / Reaching out for the soft, unfurling petals of succulent roses, dripping with thick ladbanum & dark, thorny tobacco.

SORCERER’S BREW / Thick, delicious, pouring out a steaming cauldron, hot, hot cacao, vanilla & mint

SULTANA / Served coffee spiced with mouthwatering cardamom, doused in soft rose syrup, drizzled with dark chocolate & sensual vanilla.

VENUS / She sits atop of bed of roses, drenched in orange, tangerine & bergamot sweetness, spiced with delicious cardamom & cinnamon

WITCH’S BREW / Bubbling, brewing, delicious dark black coffee stirred into chocolate & vanilla, spiced with cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg & cardamom

OF FRUITS & SUCCULENTS / here you will find fruity scents❦

CALLIOPE / She sings in sweet songs of lemon & mandarin, her long dark hair soft in its nest of ylang ylang petal crown.

DEMETER (GODDESS OF THE HARVEST) / Sweet and mellow, wading through tall lemongrass, bare feet crushing the soft petals of ylang ylang flowers, you can find the Goddess in the fields of herbal gold, darkened by patchouli leaves.

HELIOS (SUN GOD) / lemon, cinnamon, rose, litsea

PENELOPE / Faithful, beautiful & sweet, the delightful scent of sunny grapefruit & tangerines long await bold ylang ylang & sensual vanilla.

PERSEPHONE (GODDESS OF SPRING & THE UNDERWORLD) / Pulled under, bright and blossoming with flowers, the fateful juicy pomegranate, and, as Queen of the Dead, deep, dark vetiver. * (This scent is not to be confused with the natural fragrances of Persephone’s Awakening Body Potion & Persephone’s Sleep Potion.

SUNNA (SUN GODDESS) / Bright and sunny with lemons & litsea cubeba, with a soft, cloudy haze of sandalwood, vanilla & benzoin resin. Lemon cream, arousing in the sunlight in the prime of day. She is an orgasmic delight, sweet but not cloyingly so.

THE TEMPTRESS / Sweet, seductive, swaying hips of lemon & litsea, she beckons you inside her cave, deep patchouli and drippings of vanilla

OF CITRUS & HERB / here you will find fresh, citrus scents with green herbs❦

CASSANDRA / Unseen, all-knowing, she is thick with dark labdanum, rich, dripping, she speaks through Apollo’s anise, in tongue of mandarin shades.

CERRIDWEN (GODDESS OF REBIRTH & INSPIRATION) / Cerridwen stirs her cauldron of wisdom & inspiration beneath the light of the moon, wise old white sage & rosewood, beside rose, petitgrain & tangerines.

LADY JANE GREY (9 DAY QUEEN) / A spot of black & green tea, doused in heavenly bergamot & lemon squeeze, with deep, dark secrets of thick vetiver.

MAWU / EARTH, CREATION & MOON GODDESS / Deep, earthy labdanum, thick woods of fir trees & sweet, supple lemongrass

MOON FAERIE / Goodnight & sweet dreams with fae of the night ~ Bergamot, chamomile & lavender drift you to sleep beneath the light of the moon.

MOON MAIDEN / Under soft moonlight, reflecting off her crescent face, dress flowing in the wind, the Moon Maiden offers night-blooming flowers to the midnight sky. Soft sandalwood hazes around her like a halo as she lays in herbal fields of clary sage & dreams spiced bergamot dreams.

PYTHONESS / She speaks, tangles then unravels, thrusts & thrashes, haze of copaiba, peru balsam & clary sage, deep blue yarrow trenches, she speaks in tangerines, & sweet honeyspice of fenugreek.

SELENE (FULL MOON GODDESS) / Basks in sleepy lavender & jasmine fields, under dreamy sandalwood fog, by golden grapefruit and orange blossom moonlight

TOMYRIS / Empress who defeated the Cyrus the Great, rich and royal in frankincense, threads of silken orange, & crushed petals of ylang ylang.

OF GREEN VINES / here you will find herbal, green scents❦

APOLLO (GOD OF SUN, HEALING & MUSIC) /  Invigorates & inspires with the holy bay laurel leaf, muddled in visions of tangerines & oranges, with crushed anise stars at his feet.

CHRONOS (GOD OF TIME) / Deep, dark patchouli, counting the sprigs of thyme & pulverized in grapefruit.

EPONA / goddess of horses / for love, freedom & purification / Riding on horseback through woods of juniper, blossoming citrus trees & their fruit, fields of green opoponax & galbanum, overgrown with moss, she finds fields of roses

FOX / lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, lime & basil

HADES (GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD) / Banish the negative energies into the underworld with sage, bay, anise, frankincense, lavender, lemon & cedar

HEQET (FROG GODDESS) / fennel, cypress, pink flowers

MORGANA LE FAY / A bubbling cauldron of angelica root, basil, chamomile & apple

SAPPHO / Her words like honey, sweetened gardens of deep, deep, crushed violets under barefeet, green leaves & roses, their tangled wood, dripping miraculous myrrh & the ticking of thyme.

SPELLWORK / ginger, lavender & rosemary.

SNAKE / Cedarwood, vanilla, violet & verbena

CHAKRA PERFUMES / Here you will find scents to tune your chakras ❦

ROOTS / ROOT CHAKRA / Grounding, your feet in the Earth, roots & seed of carrot, angelica, ginger, grass of vetiver, and spice of cinnamon & clove

SACRAL / SACRAL CHAKRA / The creative fire, orange & tangerine, sparked with lemongrass & fiery cardamom

SOLAR / SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA / chamomile, bergamot & lemon

ABOVE & BELOW / HEART CHAKRA / Open up for love, others, yourself, the world, calm & warm, blue yarrow, roses & neroli

SPEAK / THROAT CHAKRA / Say what you need to say, hear what you need to hear, speak your truth, keep from lies, allow your being to be, eucalyptus opens you up while jasmine & ylang ylang let you say it & receive truth with ease

THIRD EYE / BROW CHAKRA / Beyond illusion, beyond disconnection, you see the oneness, the web between all beings, all things, strengthening intuition & psychic ability, a blend of clary sage, bay laurel & patchouli to open your third eye

CROWN / CROWN CHAKRA / All encompassing, wood of cedar, resin of myrrh

APOLLO & ARTEMIS: Bay laurel crown in woods of pine & eucalyptus with a sun & moon citrus collision.

SELENE & HELIOS: Lemon & lavender

ATHENA: Invigorating, powerful carrot seed, tea tree, rosemary & peppermint


CANDLE SCENT MENU (does not include limited time scents)

AMATERASU: Japanese cherry blossom, cherry, orchids, rainwater & almond*

AUGUSTA SABINA: Mad bananas, creamy vanilla, luxurious amber locks & delicious, sweet honey. *

BASTET: lily, musk, cassis, red currant*

BLACK UNICORN: Beyond thick green woods & green grass fields, elusive, a seductive green garden blend of tomato leaf & coriander

BLUE MOON: Sweet blue sugar, patchouli darkness, soft musked fog through green woods, cascading vanilla & citrus moonbeams. *

ENCHANTRESS: Cashmere, plum, citrus, berry, vanilla, incense, & amber *

EVE: apple, pomegranate, fig leaf, ivy, rose & lily of the valley *

FORBIDDEN FRUIT: Pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry & lemon *

GUINEVERE: Riding off on her white horse, pure, Queen of May, a crown of pink sweet pea flowers & softening vanilla. *

HEMLOCK: Blackberry jam & sage*

HERA: Delicious, comforting ~ Made with The Queen of the Gods sacred apples, apple cinnamon pancakes, drizzled with caramel & maple syrup.*

HESTIA: Great Goddess of the Hearth, her home sits deep in the woods, a fireplace burning chopped wood: pine, cedar, birch & the resin of labdanum. Cybele’s even smokier cousin–not for the faint-hearted.

HUNTRESS: The essence of the wild goddess Artemis, in tune with the birds, the bears & the lunar cycle, smelling of barks & pine needles, carpets of moss & wild forest flowers. Cedarwood, juniper, pine, oak moss, ylang ylang & wild raspberries hide in the woods, ready to pounce. *

JACQUOTTE: “Back from the Dead Red” Jacquotte Delahaye fearlessly sails the Caribbean, a buccaneer of creamy, cracked coconuts, spiced with black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom & clove. *

LILITH: cherry, tonka bean, angelica root, lily of the valley, rose*

LOSNA: Lily, lotus & jasmine*

THE MAENADS: The Maenads atop Mount Parnassus dance ecstatically round breeze of purple wildflowers of hyacinth, hydrangea, lilac & grapes squished under bare feet. *

NYX: Black currant berries & amazon teakwood*

PERSEPHONE: Pulled under, the Goddess of Spring, bright and blossoming with flowers, the fateful juicy pomegranate, and, as Queen of the Dead, deep, dark vetiver. *

POISON IVY: bamboo, green forests, rose & jasmine*

SERPENT’S KISS / Passion fruit, tiger lily, vanilla & tonka bean *

SKELETON KEY / Enter, with blueberry keys beyond bergamot worlds, through hidden doors of vanilla*

SUCCUBUS / Plum, cherry, amber, vanilla*

TALAYA / Torrential downpours, hyacinths, lily of the valley & breeze*

VELVET UNDERGROUND / Delicious, decadent, devilish, red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing.

VILLAINESS / Sour & sweet watermelon candies*

ŽEMYNA / Earthy garden dirt, buried hazelnuts & sprouting greens*

ZOE & THEODORA / Empress Sisters of Byzantine, they rule with delicious, juicy, dripping plums & pomegranates, spiked with spicy cinnamon, cloves & vetiver.*



MAMA BEAR / no essential oils! just a softening infusion of calendula & helichrysum

GAIA (breast potion) / for aches, inflammation & pains in breast tissue, all around breast health / nourish, moisturize, renew, detoxify & soften + tackle dry, flaky, red skin + improve elasticity + help prevent breast cancer + helps soothe breast pain + helps with breast cysts >> INFUSION of comfrey, calendula, burdock root, dandelion root >> oils of thyme, cinnamon, geranium, frankincense, clove, lavender, chamomile, lemongrass, lemon, orange, grapefruit & fenugreek

HERNE THE HUNTER / Dark lost woods, thick forest of black spruce, musk of spikenard & elemi hidden within the shadows >> INFUSION of calendula

DIANA / A blend of pure, exquisite essential oils top off this potion ~ lavender, fir pine, myrrh, sandalwood, lemon & tangerine ~ dreamy, woodsy ~ helps you drift off to dreamland ~ infused with moon goddess magick, helping with moon time, INFUSED with calendula

QUEEN OF SHEBA / A blend of pure, exquisite essential oils top off this potion ~ frankincense, myrrh, rose & coffee ~ purify, refresh, INFUSED with calendula

PERSEPHONE’S AWAKENING / A blend of pure, exquisite essential oils top off this potion ~ neroli, carrot seed, rose & violet, soothing & repairing skin as well as warding colds & sickness, and anxiety, distress, anger & depression as you approach the darkness, INFUSED with calendula

GOLDEN SUN / A solar infusion of solar plants: calendula, saffron, helichrysum & chamomile with added candelilla wax to seal in the good stuff with a golden kiss + no essential oils

SILVER MOON / A lunar infusion of lunar plants: myrrh, jasmine, willow bark & passionflower with added candelilla wax to seal in the good stuff with a silver kiss + no essential oils



ACHILLES HEAL / (GOD OF WAR) ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, ACHES & PAINS / cayenne pepper, calendula, white willow bark, St. John’s wort, ginger, turmeric, clove, peppermint, lavender & yarrow.

AGLAEA / (GREEK GODDESS OF BEAUTY) HELLO BEAUTIFUL / Pleasing, scent of gardens, skin soothing, making dry skin look beautiful, infused with rose, jasmine, rosehip, calendula, helichrysum, hibiscus, geranium, ylang ylang & bergamot.

EUPHROSYNE / (GREEK GODDESS OF HAPPINESS) ANTI-ANXIETY/HEADACHES / Kills anxiety, fear & depression with the soothing & pleasant scents of frankincense, lemongrass & lavender.

RAVENSARA / FOR EASY BREATHING / She helps with sinus problems with her awakening eucalyptus, ravensara, frankincense, clary sage & tangerine blend, infused with calendula.

THALIA / (GRECIAN GODDESS OF BANQUETS) SOOTHE STOMACH ACHES & OTHER GASTROINTESTINAL PROBLEMS / She soothes tummy aches with stimulating essences of ginger, peppermint, rosemary, fennel, caraway, anise, thyme & soothing chamomile. Rub on belly after meals, even before to prevent.

WARRIOR WOMAN / FIGHTING INFECTION & HEALING WOUNDS / Frankincense, myrrh, lavender, carrot seed, vetiver, yarrow, hyssop, mullein, comfrey, calendula & marshmallow.

HEBE / (GREEK GODDESS OF YOUTH) SOOTHING ECZEMA / no essential oils! just a softening infusion of calendula & helichrysum


ABSINTHE / Delicious vanilla sugar cube with anise, fennel & wormwood poured over, spiced with cinnamon & clove, peppermint and lavender.

BLACK MOON / cacao vanilla chai

BLOOD MOON / blood orange, mandarin, tangerines & oranges

CALYPSO / Island Goddess – piña colada

FIRE / Spicy cinnamon ~ tingles & plumps your lips a bit

GARDEN / Fields of blooming flowers, blossoming & beckoning with the sun, petals of pink rose & geranium, with soft whispers of ylang ylang.

ICE / A taste of winter, chilled over with tingling peppermint.

JULIET / By any other name she would still smell as sweet, of star-cross’d lovers, drenched in chocolate, climbing up a rose trellis / infused with rose petals & cacao powder

MARIE ANTOINETTE / Let them use cake ~ vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate ~ royally delicious

MOON / vanilla chai

MOSS / Lush, green carpets of forest floors, the thickness of vetiver combined with luscious lavender ~ *heavy* & deep

MUSHROOM TEA / Deep, earthy clove, carrot seed & vetiver dipped in steamy green tea then squeezed with bergamot & lemon

THE NAIADS / Fresh water sprites & cool breeze ~ the delicious tingling sensation of a spearmint, lime mojito with a touch of lavender

POISON APPLE / Bite into apples picked from wilding trees, then feel the dark, spicy ginger take over

SORCERER’S BREW / A steaming concoction of mint & chocolate

STRAWBERRY MOON / Summertime strawberries baked into shortcakes & topped with dreamy vanillati

SUNSHINE / a delicious, delightful luscious blend of soft vanilla, sweet lemon & soothing, herbal lavender

VELVET / unscented/no essential oils

VILLAINESS / Sweet watermelon

VIXEN / Grapefruit, chamomile & cardamom are a refreshing combo

WITCH’S BREW / Thick, dark brewed coffee with hints of chocolate, vanilla & spice

WOODS / Deep woods of healing myrrh & thick clove

DAHLIA / {pink tint} pink grapefruit

BLACK HELLEBORE / {black tint} black pepper & anise

IVY / {green tint} spearmint & spirulina

BLOODFLOWER / {red tint} nutmeg & vanilla

BELLADONNA / {mauve tint} cardamom & rose

FOXGLOVE / {coral tint} lemon

LILAC / {purple tint} lavender

LOTUS / {light pink tint} light ylang ylang scent