I smoke a lot of weed, keep my music turned up, fuck my neighbors


The Tarot: August’s Pandora’s Pampering Box


★★ THE LOVERS . . . bath soak . . crushed roses, ylang ylang petals, honey of benzoin, a dash of daring spice & thick, fertile woods + hibiscus & rosehip + floating roses & jasmine

★★ THE EMPRESS . . . body scrub . . sultry jasmine, threads of chocolate & honey-resins, night of bergamot + strawberry seeds, cacao & rosehip

★★ THE HIGH PRIESTESS . . . botanical perfume . . melting amber, benzoin & labdanum drip down thorned bush of roses seeking clarity in clary sage fields, under blood orange crescent moons

★★ QUEEN OF VESSELS . . . tisane . . gunpowder green tea, blackberry leaf, vanilla, cacao, amla berry & lemon peel

★★ DEATH . . . soy candle . . egyptian musk, sandalwood, pomegranate, champaca, amber, mahogany & cinnamon


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Split me open
With devotion
You put your hands in
And rip my heart out
Eat the music
Does he conceal
What he really feels?
He’s a woman at heart
And I love him for that
Let’s split him open
Like a pomegranate
Insides out
All is revealed
Not only women bleed

It doesn’t hurt me Do you want to feel how it feels? Do you want to know that it doesn’t hurt me? Do you want to hear about the deal that I’m making? You, it’s you and me

You don’t want to hurt me
But see how deep the bullet lies
Unaware I’m tearing you asunder
Ooh, there is thunder in our hearts

Is there so much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me, we both matter, don’t we?
You, it’s you and me
It’s you and me won’t be unhappy