Virgo moons

Oh Virgo, where my Venus vs Mars mingles,  “perfectionist” “anxious” but what did they mean?

The Virgo full moon brought business fulfillment, long lasting friends, and, at last… peace. Waking up happy. For the first time in years.

Six months ago, Virgo new moon took my father. That cycle to the full moon was… as suspected. Finally had I broken out of the ground, things were happening..

Virgo full moon came upon me, swelling to full & life was swell & then with the slight waning so did I, we, the Venus vs Mars.

That fight. That terrible horrible fight.

So I took some time to deal with everything – the Venus retrograde in my second house, the activation of the end of the six month cycle. Took some Magical Soul Bitch advice and Burned a list of my virgoan anxieties: things I have no control over. It was short and sweet.


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