The phases of a cycle

yesterday’s full moon pull: keep your plans secret for now – fortune cookie 😇 this moon cycle has been a bit nuts. first, overly sad & empty, then as the moon filled up so did I, my productivity went through the roof (which keeps this cap-virgo happy), and now as she wanes so does the momentum I had going as we wait for a historic blizzard on this long isand. ebb & flow, the natural way of life. double bows: clearance ushers in change, burying one tool for six new, while artemis poses her bow in a stance of steady protection. the sun, he shines bright to shed light on things hidden in the dark: the places I most often dwell, waiting for the moon to show her pretty face, searching through the black, the psychological, the feelings and hurting that comes along with all of its intuitiveness and compassion and empathy. I have been stuck in this place for too long – searching through the negative news, identifying with people who scream & shout but then stay still when it’s time to revolt, trying to walk in the shoes of the less fortunate, attempting to get my message out to the world. it all became too much – the weight of the world, its problems crushed me under its pressure – I acted out like a child, I had tantrums, I had cried & drowned in it like alice. something in this sun tells me to be selfish. to do what’s right for me. to break out of the darkness, quite possibly the wet lush earth where I had been planted – something told me to push through, show my green, let my first two leaves break out the shell of the seed so I can fully grow. soak up that fucking sun & stop looking for all the answers in the night.



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