botanical, intimate, perfume



we are bringing back our new & improved all natural perfumes early-mid march, but for now we have a few vial samplers left

❦—AMPHITRITE / (notes: sea breeze, sage, flower & nutmeg) ••• Sea Goddess: Seas of lime & litsea citrus, tossing, turning, crushing sage & nutmeg, with waves of benzoin, sea breeze & ylang ylang, clean, bright—❦

❦—DRAGONESS / (notes: dragon’s blood, mandarin & flowers) ••• The blood of a dragon sprouts mid-spring pink flowers, doused in sweet mandarin & threaded silk with blood orange—❦

❦—MOON MAIDEN / (notes: clary sage, flower & citrus) ••• Under soft moonlight, reflecting off her crescent face, dress flowing in the wind, the Moon Maiden offers night-blooming flowers to the midnight sky. Soft sandalwood hazes around her like a halo as she lays in herbal fields of clary sage & dreams spiced bergamot dreams—❦

❦—GREEN FAERIE / (notes: wormwood, anise, spice, mint, mandarin & sugar) ••• Sweet & seductive, she beckons you with hallucinations, words pour out, images, art, thick with the poison of wormwood, sweetened with anise, fennel, poured over a vanilla sugarcube, served with mints, cinnamon & clove, squeezed with the orange of mandarin—❦

❦—BRANWEN / (notes: rose, black pepper, cacao) ••• Love Goddess: Sensual, parting rose petals, hot and spicy black pepper, dark and rich cocoa & smooth, velvet vanilla—❦

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