n e w ⚡️ m a g i c k:  candle scents

img_3461Grecian Goddess tealight box

••• The Aurae ••• ((Nymphs of Breeze)) delicious juicy pear, creamy vanilla & sweet white lilies

••• Corn Moon ••• sugared, creamy corn pudding (freaking delicious)

••• Llŷr ••• God of the seas, ocean waters, cedar ship, blueberry crushing sea salt & dragon’s blood
••• Strawberry Moon••• strawberry, vanilla, peach & roses

••• Viridios ••• found in pine, juniper & cedar woods, thick with musk, under a waxing citrus moon.

••• Woodland Faerie ••• absinthe, berries & woods

••• Wandering Witch ••• elder berry & forest flowers

With these new scents, we’ve added a few tealight boxes: Enchanted Forest, The Moon, The Nymphs & Garden Goddess.  We’ve also adjusted the scents in the boxes of: Woodland Goddess &Sea Goddess.  Find our tealight boxes here.  Most are also available in votive & 6 oz candle size as well, found here.



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