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❦—f l o w e r • g a r d e n s: floral—❦

••• Amaterasu ••• ((Goddess of the Sun)) japanese cherry blossom & juicy cherry, flowering orchids, soft almond & rainwater

••• The Anthousai ••• ((Flower Nymphs)) they float amongst the soothing garden chamomile, feasting upon vanilla honey from flower of honeysuckle

••• Aphrodite ••• ((Goddess of Love)) she offers sensual pink parting roses, crushed petals of ylang ylang & sultry night blossoming jasmine

••• Caer ••• ((Goddess of Dreams & Moon)) jasmine, rose, lotus & mint

••• Guinevere ••• Riding off on her white horse, pure, Queen of May, a crown of pink sweet pea flowers & softening vanilla

••• Losna ••• ((Moon Goddess of Tides)) she is soft but fragrant with lily, lotus & jasmine

••• The Maenads ••• ((Nymphs of Ecstasy)) Dancing ecstatically atop Mount Parnassus around breezes of purple wildflowers of hyacinth, hydrangea, lilac & grapes squished under bare feet

••• Poison Ivy ••• Woman of green, seductive pink kisses of rose & jasmine, lost in green forests & thick bamboo

••• Talaya ••• ((Goddess of the Rains)) torrential downpours & breeze of hyacinth, lily of the valley & wisteria


❦—g a r d e n • o f • e d e n: fruity—❦

••• Augusta Sabina ••• ((Empress of Rome)) sweet, sugary & powerful, bananas, amber, golden honey & vanilla

••• The Aurae ••• ((Nymphs of Breeze)) delicious juicy pear, creamy vanilla & sweet white lilies

••• Cupid ••• pomegranate, citrus, jasmine, wild violet, ginger & woods

••• Eve ••• apple, pomegranate, fig leaf, ivy, rose & lily of the valley

••• Forbidden Fruit ••• pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry & lemon

••• Hesperides ••• ((Guardians of the Golden Apples)) soft apples & their blossoms

••• Hina ••• ((Goddess of the Moon)) she shines over coconut blue oceans, with hints of spice

••• Morpheus ••• ((God of Sleep)) he lets you fall down, down, down into the clouds of soft cucumbers & sweet mellow melons

••• Neptune ••• ((God of the Ocean)) he sails in sea of bay rum & sweet sweet limes

••• Nyx ••• ((Goddess of Darkness)) Veil of Night, dark, squished black currant berries & wood of teak

••• Persephone ••• Pulled under, the Goddess of Spring, bright and blossoming with flowers, the fateful juicy pomegranate, and, as Queen of the Dead, deep, dark vetiver

••• Ra ••• ((God of the Sun)) bright sunny lemon & oranges spiced with fire & cinnamon

••• Serpent’s Kiss ••• passion fruit, tiger lily, vanilla & tonka bean

••• Skeleton Key ••• Beyond doors of blueberry, opening worlds of vanilla with keys of bergamot

••• Villainess ••• A patch of sour & sweet watermelon, mouthwatering & devilish

••• Wandering Witch ••• elder berry & forest flowers


❦—s i l k • r o a d: gourmand, decadent, spiced—❦

••• Absinthe ••• wormwood dreams of spiced, minty, otherworldly deliciousness poured over a vanilla sugar cube

••• Ayabba ••• ((Goddess of the Hearth)) black coffee, sugar & cream, and delicious hazelnut

••• Caravan ••• A traveling caravan ~ Through thick forests of cedar, pouring out hazy pipe tobacco, with rich saffron spiced chocolates stained with black vanilla. Deep, bold, decadent, sweet

••• Cybele ••• ((Goddess of Mountains & Lions)) she wanders in dark woods, finding the bonfire where hazelnuts of cinnamon & nutmeg roast

••• Enchantress ••• She sways, beckons with magick, wrapped in cashmere, haze of incense & amber, sweetened with juicy plum, berry & citrus, doused in sensual vanilla

••• Hekate ••• found at the crossroads, dancing around a cauldron bubbling with spices & black coffee, black roses, rotting grapefruit, cherries & bloody oranges

••• Lilith ••• cherries, tonka bean, angelica root, lily of the valley & rose

••• Serket ••• dark and sexy, bleeding cherries, vanilla, citrus, cinnamon, amber & roses

••• Succubus ••• Seducing juicy plums & cherries, dark musks, dripping amber & the kiss of vanilla death

••• Sultana ••• She sits upon her golden throne, dark cacao & cardamom-spiced coffee is served among sugared roses & sultry vanilla

••• Woodland Faerie ••• absinthe, berries & woods

••• Zoe & Theodora ••• ((Empress Sisters of Byzantine)) they rule with delicious, juicy, dripping plums & pomegranates, spiked with spicy cinnamon, cloves & vetiver


❦—u n d e r w o r l d • b a k e r y: gourmand, sweet, candy, baked—❦

••• Blood Moon ••• big bright blood orange moon & apples with spices in sweet vanilla cakes

••• Blue Moon ••• when it comes around, it is sweet like blue sugar, cotton candy & caramel, lost in roaming woods of patchouli & musk

••• Cakes & Wine ••• sweet delicious offerings of sugared cakes, topped with almonds, threads of fig & libations of sweet grape wine

••• Hemlock ••• Delicious blackberries are squished & sugared into jam then infused in herbal sage

••• Hera ••• Delicious, comforting ~ Made with The Queen of the Gods sacred apples, apple cinnamon pancakes, drizzled with caramel & maple syrup

••• Io ••• cow goddess, she is found in cedar woods, grazing on chocolate

••• Lofn ••• coconut, strawberry, cotton candy & french vanilla

••• Marie Antoinette ••• Let them smell cake, delicious, elegant, extravagant vanilla confetti cake topped with buttercream icing

••• The Melissae ••• ((Nymphs of bees)) doused in sweet sweet honey, wrapped in oats & drizzled in milk of almonds.

••• Oshun ••• sweet, musky flowers opening to sultry vanilla pod, laced with a hint of soft chocolates

••• Raven ••• Spiced pumpkin pie fresh out the oven, topped with molasses & warm vanilla sugar ~ Absolutely delicious

••• Traveling Witch ••• toasted marshmallow

••• Velvet Underground ••• delicious, decadent, devilish, red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing

••• White Rabbit ••• lost in a world of berry & clouds of marshmallow


❦—AROMA FAMILY: o p i u m • d e n: soft, mellow resins, sanctuary incense—❦

••• Bastet ••• ((Cat & Protection Goddess)) fierce cassia, cinnamon & red currants, strewn in resin of myrrh, blossoming with lily of the valley

••• Dragon ••• the blood slain fresh from a fiery beast & bleeding oranges & mandarins

••• Pasithea ••• Goddess of deep meditation, of myrrh & of frankincense, of roses, chamomile & cedarwood, and a hint of sandalwood

••• The Poppy Goddess ••• Minoan goddess of poppy seeds, she offers you a bite, a taste of fields of poppy, squished plum, white lily of the valley & tears of myrrh

••• Pythia ••• when Apollo spoke, he spoke through her, through fits of ecstasy, through haze of sandalwood & amber, wet petals of night-blooming jasmine, thick patchouli & galbanum, a full moon of grapefruit, and Apollo’s sacred bay leaf

••• Queen of Sheba ••• Answers to questions unasked, cunning roses & coffee in rich resins of frankincense & myrrh


❦—AROMA FAMILY: g r e e n • f o r e s t s: wilding woods, twisting vine, bark & fallen leaves—❦

••• The Dryads ••• The nymphs of the woodlands trample through ancient woods of cedar & juniper, and moss carpets growing on old oaks

••• Frau Holda ••• Protector & goddess of snow, she shakes her mattress & chilling peppermint snow falls down on red berries, evergreen woods & twining ivy

••• Huntress ••• The essence of the wild goddess Artemis, in tune with the birds, the bears & the lunar cycle, smelling of barks & pine needles, carpets of moss & wild forest flowers. Cedarwood, juniper, pine, oak moss, ylang ylang & wild raspberries hide in the woods, ready to pounce

••• Pan ••• deep dark woods, pine needle carpets, fiery spices.
•••  Viridios  ••• ((God of the Woods)) found in pine, juniper & cedar woods, thick with musk, under a waxing citrus moon.


❦—AROMA FAMILY: d e e p • e a r t h: thick dirt, rich earth, rich smoking black resins—❦

••• Circe ••• Goddess of Magic, daughter of the sun, Circe is a heady, hazy heaven of patchouli, caramelized tobacco, nag champa incense: mellow sandalwood and frangipani, with hints of orange citrus daze, floral ylang ylang & palmarosa, sweet anise star, and spicy bergamot

••• Cronus ••• cedar, cinnamon, clove & snow

••• Hestia ••• smoky, dark, deep, not for the faint hearted, fire, woods

••• Mushroom Tea ••• mushrooms, deep earth, bergamot, green tea & lemon

••• Nephthys ••• Guardian of the Dead, Protectress, she smells of musky night flowers, smoking incense & night-bark

••• Nerio ••• goddess of war, cinnamon, frankincense, & dark woods

••• Tezcatlipoca ••• God of night, storms & divination, smoking pipe tobacco & thick woods of cedar.


❦—AROMA FAMILY: t h e • g r e e n • d o o r: twisting vine, herb gardens, fresh pressed greens—❦

••• Abundantia ••• ((Goddess of Fortune & Prosperity)) she brings all good things with basil, cinnamon, almond, cedar & nutmeg

••• Black Unicorn ••• beyond thick green woods & green grass fields, elusive, a seductive green garden blend of tomato leaf & coriander

••• Castor & Pollux ••• cedarwood, chamomile & orange

••• Morgana le Fay ••• A bubbling cauldron of angelica root, basil, chamomile & apple


❦—AROMA FAMILY: o c e a n & l a k e: mermaids & water nymphs, howling winds, fresh air, mints & ice—❦

••• Anemoi ••• ((Goddesses of Air)) wind, vetiver, jasmine, winding vines & ice

••• Bifrost ••• Crossing over the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard & Midgard, vibrant colors, green breeze, clover & ivy, soft jasmine & deep vetiver

••• Galene ••• ((Goddess of the Sea)) mint, coconut & flowers

••• Lorelei ••• Mermaid, signing atop of a rock, she smells of salt mist, sea mint & seaside flowers

••• Llŷr ••• God of the seas, ocean waters, cedar ship, blueberry crushing sea salt & dragon’s blood



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