early spring update

n e w ⚡️ m a g i c k:  SHOP UPDATE 2/15/17




  • Ostara Pampering Box: a twist on the easter basket, goddesses & nature combine to create a delicious box. Eostre body scrub, Blodeuwedd face steam, Maia candle, seeds, a rock candy & chocolate geode by Pamplemousse Confectionery, and Vesna goddess soap. found here.


  • Spring Awakening Little Pampering Box: a little taste of spring, these goddesses awaken with the turning of spring, including Artio bath soak & Flora tisane, this box features seasonal Hara Ke soy votive, and Devana, a luscious face mask full of flowers than can ONLY be found within this box! found here.


  • Ostara Egg Soy Wax Melts: these rather large egg melts come in nine different seasonal scents, all equally delicious in either yummy sweet scents or florals. found here with our other wax melts.


  • New Early Spring candle & wax scents: nine different seasonal scents, all equally delicious in either yummy sweet scents or florals. only three seasonal scents are found in the 6 oz candles. find all our seasonal scents here.


MARCH MOONS, little luanr boxes both found here:


  • March Full Moon: in virgo to honor the worm wood with Earthworm candle, the crow moon with Crow bath salts, the storm moon with Storm Moon tea, with Virgo moon soap & Earth + Storm botanical perfume. You can find the perfume sold separately in large or small size here.


  • March New Moon: in aries to honor the combining of Aries forces with Hretha soap, Macha candle, Mars incense, Hredemonath face mask, and Aries lollipop by Pamplemousse Confectionery.


Also available but will post more towards the date.  You can go search our shop finding some goodies now, though!

APRIL FULL MOON box is also available for preorder here.  April New Moon little lunar box will be coming with our late spring update, sometime in mid-March.


CELTIC PATTY’S DAY for the Irish pagans.




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