metaphysical astrological therapy


As an incredibly shy, socially awkward person, my therapy sessions have been… well.. quiet.  Mostly unproductive.  Made me more crazy than I was – embracing the craziness they pushed on me.  So the thought of going back to therapy while my life falls apart (jk) is more than daunting.  But for a while now, I have been completely overwhelmed, depressed, and just not my healthy self – but I haven’t been able to experience this depression & blockage of everything because of full-time solo-business work stuff — those few resting minutes are spent numb with weekly hulu tv shows, and then back to ideas, working, making, selling.  The urge to cry it all out is barely there – and I feel that lack of urge is building this wall inside me, bottling it all up with the cork about to burst.  And it’s leaked — the crazy — as I find myself in a messy workroom, trying to beat the post office clock & get everyone’s packages out safe & sound.. but mostly, it’s that deeply overwhelmed feeling, where you can barely feel anything (besides the hatred for the white nationalist white supremacist christian supremacist bullshit america is going thru rn)..  So I reached out for therapy….

In the most unlikeliest of places.

In an astrological reading conjured by Nikki of Magical Soul Bitches moon for the Leo Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.

Nikki explored the astrological happenings & connections on a worldly & individual level, sending a voice recording which was incredibly soothing.  She raised questions, answers, confirmations.  It was wonderfully connective & intuitive  — truly a therapeutic session that I was happy to enjoy while sitting on my computer, beside a burning candle & oracle cards, sipping tea & smoking weed.  I took notes.  I traced my fingers along my chart.  It felt very interactive despite it being a recording.

I am certainly looking forward to my next “session” & I urge you to reach out & get some metaphysical therapy for yourself!



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