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It becomes quite a task, choosing the perfect scent for your scrub or botanical perfume.  We’ve tried to make it a wee bit easier for you by directing you to a scent you may fall in love with.  Our scents are arranged into ‘Houses’ for easier selection, keeping somewhat-similar scents together.  Here, we’ve tried to make it even a little bit easier, so grab a steaming cup of tea, travel deep into the Earth Goddess’s garden & stumble upon the perfect scent.

Our scents are different–strange–worn by ladies in spiderweb stockings, those who dream of making love to trees, the mistresses of magick, nymphs who dance ecstatically around fire, & mermaids of the great oceans.  They are made from natural plant parts, dug from mother earth.  They are more green, rich with deep life, delicately intimate.  If you are a lady of nature, of cosmic universe energy, allow yourself to fall in love with nature’s sweet scents.

Please keep in mind, the scents here are only ones found in forms of: botanical perfume, body scrub & body elixirs.
Scents not included: candles, bath salts, bath soaks, some soaps, lip enchantments, hair & face elixirs, salves, herbal steams,face masks, wax melts, tinctures, bath teas, some scrubs & body elixirs, tea/tisane  blends & incense blends & limited scents.
*Scents with asterisk contain manmade fragrance oils, paraben, phthalate & harmful chemical-free.





❦—f l o w e r • g a r d e n s: true florals, pure crushed petal, flower vine, soft, flowered earth—❦

❦—g a r d e n • o f • e d e n: true fruits, sweet & decadent—❦

❦—s i l k • r o a d: deep, exquisite spices from around the world, carried across land, where sweet, exotic fruits bleed into cacao & vanilla, topped with luxurious spice—❦

❦—o p i u m • d e n: soft, mellow resins, sanctuary incense—❦

❦—g r e e n • f o r e s t s: wilding woods, twisting vine, bark & fallen leaves—❦

❦—d e e p • e a r t h: thick dirt, rich earth, rich smoking black resins—❦

❦—t h e • g r e e n • d o o r: twisting vine, herb gardens, fresh pressed greens—❦

❦—o c e a n & l a k e: mermaids & water nymphs, mints & ice—❦



These are true florals– our jasmine is rich, pungent, our rose delicate.  These do not smell like fake ‘honeysuckle’ or ‘gardenia’ but real, rich, green florals.  If you like jasmine, please do enter her sultry delicateness.  Lavenders can be found here, as well as geraniums.  A lot of delicious ylang ylangs are housed here, as well.


Sweet, fruity scents?  Do not come here knocking for apple, peach, pineapple (go knocking for those in our candle & lip enchantments, though!) — come for the lemon, stay for the oranges.  Lemongrass can also be found here.
If you’ve a sweet tooth, and would like a fresh baked cake, cookies & brownies scent, your best bet is our candle & lip enchantment selection, or quite possibly the delicious vanilla cake of our Amanishakheto scrub.
Looking for something sweet, sugary, exotic?  Enter our Silk Road, where delicious, decadent vanilla chocolates are spiced & sweetened with tart fruit.  Here you will find scents like Absinthe, combinations of rose & chocolate, chai spices paired with fruits.



Looking for something baked? Chocolately?  If you’ve a sweet tooth, your best bet is our candle & lip enchantment selection, or quite possibly the delicious vanilla cake of our Amanishakheto scrub.  If you have a sweet tooth with extra decadent taste, you’ll fall in love with our Silk Road collection, where cacao & real vanilla run deep, spices like cardamom & cinnamon dance, & roses are trampled by thick, dark honey.


Sweet, fruity scents?  Do not come here knocking for apple, peach, pineapple (go knocking for those in our candle & lip enchantments, though!) — come for the lemon, stay for the oranges.  Lemongrass can also be found here.



Oakmoss, cedarwood & juniper find themselves in this house, a house of trees, canopies of leaf, nest of root.  These scents aren’t terribly earthy, made with bark, leaf & sap. A lot of ‘unisex’ scents can be found here.



Patchouli lover?  In love with clove, vetiver?  Love rolling in dirt?  Enter the deep, dark forest of night.  If you’re looking for more woodsy, earth-light-lover, check out our WOODSY scents.  Here you will find only darkness.


Sage smudger?  Garden-cultivator?  In love with deep or light green scents?



Green, fresh scents, herbal



Deep within the Silk Road, spices from all walks of life can be found, from sweet to deep, irresistible



Seaweed extract is a real thing.  We put it in some of our Oceanic scents to make em smell like mermaids & sea nymphs.  We also use mints & citrus to aid in our merendeavors.  If you’re a fucking mermaid, get on this level.



Mints, peppermints, spearmints, rosemary & eucalyptus thrive



Soft or deep, resins are hazy, mysterious, otherworldly, prized for centuries, healing & mysterious



Sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh & dragon’s blood scents can all be found within the Opium Den
Patchouli & darker, deeper resins can be found with a rustic earthiness
And then there are incense that are trampled with spices, sweet fruits & sultry flowers in the Silk Road




❦—AROMA FAMILY: f l o w e r • g a r d e n s: true florals, pure crushed petal, flower vine, soft, flowered earth—❦

••• Aphrodite ••• (notes: rose, ylang ylang & jasmine) •••

Goddess of Love: Born from the sea, bare feet crushing irresistible petals of sensual, sultry flower under silver glimmering moonlight. She is one of our best sellers.

••• Chloris ••• (notes: jasmine, ylang ylang & vanilla) ••• Goddess of Flowers: She awoke in a garden, covered in dew & delicate petal, drizzled in honey of benzoin & vanilla. She is soft & sweet.

••• Deadly Nightshade ••• (notes: patchouli, ylang ylang, lavender, jasmine & amber) ••• Found in the Devil’s Garden, tended year round by ladies, their pupils dilated by belladonna, thick, deep, dark nuances aged to perfection, melting among huge, showy flowers. She is much deeper, darker than her floral sisters.

••• Leda ••• (notes: jasmine, yarrow & neroli) ••• Gliding across water, heart-opening white yarrow beneath a crescent moon in a pink sky, blossoms from orange trees, & sultry jasmine petals.

••• Loventa ••• (notes: geranium, orange, amber & frankincense) ••• When she walks, bright blossoms grow at her feet, warm rosy cheeks & fluttering eyelashes, old Victorian shoppes with sweet amber cakes drizzled in frankincense honey, topped with candied flower. She is sweet, fresh, clean.

••• The Muses ••• (notes: ylang ylang, vanilla, vine & balsams) ••• They are born from the ocean, muse of nine, whispering in ears of artists, twirling in flowering vine, melding with sensual flower petals, dripping bean of vanilla & soft, hazy meadows. She is ethereal.

••• Ophelia ••• (notes: jasmine, sandalwood & vanilla) ••• Immersed in a brook beneath a willow tree, surrounded by a garden of flowers, haze of sandalwood, sultry jasmine & vanilla bring you eternal love…

••• Rhiannon ••• (notes: neroli, geranium, flower & honey) ••• Goddess of the Moon: They call her white witch, healer, luna lover, blossoming flower of bright pink geranium, yellow ylang ylang, white primroses & neroli, the delicate flowers of the orange tree, basking in benzoin moonlight. She is fresh, clean.

••• Selene ••• (notes: lavender & grapefruit) ••• Full Moon Goddess: Basking in sleepy lavender & jasmine fields, under dreamy sandalwood fog, by golden grapefruit and orange blossom moonlight.

❦—AROMA FAMILY: g a r d e n • o f • e d e n: true fruits, sweet & decadent—❦

••• Calliope ••• (notes: lemon, mandarin & ylang ylang) ••• She sings in sweet songs of lemon & mandarin, her long dark hair soft in its nest of ylang ylang petal crown.

••• Demeter ••• (notes: lemongrass, patchouli & ylang ylang) ••• Harvest & Moon Goddess: Sweet and mellow, wading through tall lemongrass, bare feet crushing the soft petals of ylang ylang flowers, you can find the Goddess in the fields of herbal gold, darkened by patchouli leaves.

••• Penelope ••• (notes: grapefruit, ylang ylang & vanilla) ••• Faithful, beautiful & sweet, the delightful scent of sunny grapefruit & tangerines long await bold ylang ylang & sensual vanilla.

••• Sunna ••• (notes: lemon & cream) ••• Sun Goddess: Bright and sunny with lemons & litsea cubeba, with a soft, cloudy haze of sandalwood, vanilla & benzoin resin. She is an orgasmic delight, sweet but not cloyingly so.

••• Temptress ••• (notes: lemon, patchouli & vanilla) ••• Sweet, seductive, swaying hips of lemon & litsea, she beckons you inside her cave, deep patchouli and drippings of vanilla

❦—AROMA FAMILY: s i l k • r o a d: deep, exquisite spices from around the world, carried across land, where sweet, exotic fruits bleed into cacao & vanilla, topped with luxurious spice—❦

••• Absinthe ••• (notes: wormwood, anise, spice & sugar) ••• Hallucinatingly delirious & delicious, unbottle the green faerie & let the visions pour out, anise, mugwort, wormwood & fennel–herbal, green, cinnamony, with hints of clove, poured over a vanilla sugar cube.

••• Branwen ••• (notes: rose, black pepper, cacao) ••• Love Goddess: Sensual, parting rose petals, hot and spicy black pepper, dark and rich cocoa & smooth, velvet vanilla.

••• Caravan ••• (notes: tobacco, chocolate & spice) ••• Through thick forests of cedar, pouring out hazy pipe tobacco, with rich saffron spiced chocolates stained with black vanilla. Deep, bold, decadent, sweet.

••• Hekate ••• (notes: coffee, spice & citrus) ••• Goddess of Magick & Crossroads: A bubbling, boldly mysterous cauldron of: black flowers, rotten grapefruits, spicy nutmeg, sweet cinnamon & dark coffee.

••• Inanna ••• (notes: cacao, cardamom, vanilla & orange) ••• Goddess of Sex: Wet vanilla is drizzled over juicy oranges, trampled in cacao & sweetly spiced with sexy cardamom

••• Juliet ••• (notes: rose & cacao) ••• Star-cross’d lovers, climbing up a rose trellis, by any other name would smell as sweet, doused in decadent, maddening, arousing chocolate.

••• Qetesh ••• (notes: jasmine, vanilla & cardamom) ••• Seduction Goddess: Jasmine opens, blossoming in darkness, pinned under steamy vanilla & rich, spicy cardamom

••• Raven ••• (notes: pumpkin pie, hazelnut & molasses) ••• Spiced pumpkin pie fresh out the oven, topped with molasses & warm vanilla sugar *

••• Rose & Thorn ••• (notes: rose & tobacco) ••• Reaching out for the soft, unfurling petals of succulent roses, dripping with thick ladbanum & dark, thorny tobacco.

••• Sultana ••• (notes: coffee, cacao, rose & cardamom) ••• Served coffee spiced with mouthwatering cardamom, doused in soft rose syrup, drizzled with dark chocolate & sensual vanilla.

••• Venus ••• (notes: orange, rose & spice) ••• Love Goddess: She sits atop of bed of roses, drenched in orange, tangerine & bergamot sweetness, spiced with delicious cardamom & cinnamon

❦—AROMA FAMILY: o p i u m • d e n: soft, mellow resins, sanctuary incense—❦

••• Dragon ••• (notes: dragon’s blood & blood orange) ••• Fresh spilled dragon’s blood from the slain beast, melded from soft balsams & thick herbs, squeezed with juicy bloody oranges & mandarins.

••• Fern & Willow ••• (notes: labdanum, sandalwood, cardamom) ••• Swaying, weeping, unfurling, thick, thick black labdanum drips down tree, spiced & raw.

••• Mandrake ••• (notes: roots, resin & mandarin) ••• Torn from the earth, deep and dark with patchouli, myrrh, sandalwood & nutmeg, shrieking roots, screaming notes of mandarin & ylang ylang.

••• Nephthys ••• (notes: myrrh, frankincense, cedar & musk-flower) ••• Protectress: She is musky night, wrapped in moonflower, shrouded in smoke of frankincense & myrrh, wrapped in night-bark.

••• Queen of Sheba ••• (notes: frankincense, myrrh, coffee, rose) ••• Traveling to a rich palace, the gift of gold, the tears of frankincense and myrrh, with hints of Ethiopian coffee and sensual rose, and holding the answers to questions not yet asked…

••• Psyche ••• (notes: frankincense, elemi, lavender & tangerine) ••• Messenger Goddess: Transformative, fresh resins of frankincense & elemi, ever-changing tangerines, & soothing lavender.

••• Sekhmet ••• (notes: frankincense, honey, coffee, cardamom) ••• Goddess of War & Healing ••• She roars, ferocious, ready to pounce, found in thick frankincense & benzoin honey, dark coffee & spice of cardamom, trampling soft roses & sweet orange.

••• Tomyris ••• (notes: frankincense, orange & ylang ylang) ••• Great Empress, she defeated the Cyrus the Great, rich and royal in luxurious resins, threads of silken orange, & crushed petals of ylang ylang beneath warrior feet.

❦—AROMA FAMILY: g r e e n • f o r e s t s: wilding woods, twisting vine, bark & fallen leaves—❦

••• Apollo ••• (notes: bay, anise & citrus) ••• God of Sun, Healing & Arts ••• Invigorates & inspires with the holy bay laurel leaf, muddled in visions of tangerines & oranges, with crushed anise stars at his feet.

••• Artemis ••• (notes: cedar, pine, tea tree, eucalyptus) ••• Goddess of Wild Things & the Moon: Find her in shadows of great green woods, healing woods, where body & mind find deep healing, in tune with the deer, the birds & the tree nymphs. She opens up your lungs for breathing & strengthens up your body for healing.

••• Cernunnos ••• (notes: vetiver, cedar & rosemary) ••• Primal, instinctive, he lurks the woods, thick, full of cedar, fresh sprigs of rosemary to excite, horned, deep & earthy in vetiver dirt.

••• Druidess ••• (notes: oakmoss & woods) ••• Healer, wild wise woman, she walks in gown of green leaf through ancients forests covered in moss, beneath a blood orange moon, crushing flower under feet.

••• The Dryads ••• (notes: cedar, juniper & oakmoss) ••• Nymphs of Woodlands: Trampling through ancient woods, moss carpets growing on old oaks, thriving with green life.

••• Flidais ••• (notes: cedar, bergamot, ylang ylang & black pepper) ••• Goddess of Wild Things, Sexuality & Healing ••• She awaits in green woodlands of cedar trees, under a big bright bergamot moon, flower petals sprout at her feet, seducing with black pepper.

••• Forest Maiden ••• (notes: wet woods, wildflower & cinnamon) ••• Into wet, fertile woods, inviting, green & brown with life, she hides beneath tree canopies, wet spiced bark over pine carpets, rain falling on thirsty wildflowers.

••• Huntress ••• (notes: green woods, wild berry & flower) ••• She lurks with the bears, the birds, the bright moon, protecting the hunted by bow & arrow, within deep green forests lined with red wild berry & bright flower petals*

••• Lavinia ••• (notes: amyris, mint, cedar) ••• Lady of the Forest, Keeper of the Gates, she is sweet, dressed in forest leaf, covered in woodland bark, bare feet crushing wild mints.

••• Mawu ••• (notes: labdanum, fir, lemongrass) ••• Earth, Creation & Moon Goddess: She holds the moon, mother of all, thick in dirt covered in a sanctuary of trees: cedars & firs, thick sap, with sweet, supple lemongrass.

❦—AROMA FAMILY: d e e p • e a r t h: thick dirt, rich earth, rich smoking black resins—❦

•••Brigid ••• (notes: angelica, myrrh & citrus) ••• Goddess of Healing ••• Tangled angelica root in a cauldron, keeper of the wells & blazing fire, connecting death & rebirth, haze of incense & dirt, blazing blood orange.

••• Circe ••• (notes: patchouli, tobacco, incense) ••• Goddess of Magick: You are called to her, she disappears in thick haze, entrancing scents & sensations, blazing fire, crackling incense & smoking tobacco, an alluring daze of orange, crushed flower petals & stars of anise.

••• Ceres ••• (notes: clove, rose & orange) ••• Harvest Goddess: Blood oranges, big, bright, full, and soft flowers of palmarosa trampled through cloven woods.

••• Desdemona ••• (notes: patchouli, allspice, jasmine, orange) ••• She comes out at night to trample through thickets of dark patchouli, shrouded by jasmine & thick smoke of orange, secrets of the darkness, struck down by allspice.

••• Hel ••• (notes: patchouli, labdanum, decaying flower) ••• Underworld Goddess: Half beautiful woman, dancing in roses, jasmine, squeezed, bright lemon. Half decaying woman, buried in caves of dirt & light threads of cardamom.

••• Mushroom Tea ••• (notes: green tea, carrot seed, clove, vetiver & citrus) ••• A trippy, deep & damp brew: Green tea infused with forest mushrooms, seed of carrot, smoking cloves, dark vetiver, sweetened with lemon & a touch of bergamot…then trampled in garden dirt.

••• Satyr ••• (notes: tobacco, cognac, hay & spruce) ••• Woodland God: Half human, half goat, he sits on stays of hay beyond woods of black spruce, drunken on flower wine, lustful with blood orange haze.

••• Silvanus ••• (notes: vetiver, cedar, rose) ••• Forest God ••• Found with the wild things through woods of rose bushes & cedar trees, thick & rich with dark, sexy vetiver & dripping, luscious vanilla. Deep, rich.

••• Zenobia ••• (notes: clove, patchouli, flower) ••• Empress of Palmyrene: Great Warrior Queen, she slays with violent clove & dark patchouli, trampling fields of lavender & crushing petals of ylang ylang.

❦—AROMA FAMILY: t h e • g r e e n • d o o r: twisting vine, herb gardens, fresh pressed greens—❦

••• Cassandra ••• (notes: labdanum, green vine, anise & mandarin) ••• All-knowing, unseeing, she is thick with dark labdanum, rich, dripping in ecstasy, she speaks through Apollo’s anise in tongues of mandarin.

••• Cerridwen ••• (notes: sage, rosewood & petitgrain) ••• Goddess of Rebirth & Inspiration: She stirs her cauldron of wisdom & inspiration beneath the light of the moon, smoking wise old white sage, tangled in wood & flower of rose, threads of petitgrain & tangerines unfurl under the lunar light.

••• Epona ••• (notes: opoponax, green vine, juniper woods) ••• Goddess of Horses & Moon: Riding on horseback through woods of juniper, blossoming citrus trees & their fruit, fields of green opoponax & galbanum, overgrown with moss, she finds fields of roses

••• Moon Maiden ••• (notes: clary sage, flower & citrus) ••• Under soft moonlight, reflecting off her crescent face, dress flowing in the wind, the Moon Maiden offers night-blooming flowers to the midnight sky. Soft sandalwood hazes around her like a halo as she lays in herbal fields of clary sage & dreams spiced bergamot dreams.

••• Pythoness ••• (notes: balsams, clary sage & yarrow) ••• She speaks, tangles then unravels, thrusts & thrashes, haze of copaiba, peru balsam & clary sage, deep blue yarrow trenches, she speaks in tangerines, & sweet honeyspice of fenugreek.

•••Sappho ••• (notes: thyme, myrrh & violet) ••• Her words like honey, sweetened gardens of deep, deep, crushed violets under barefeet, green leaves & roses, their tangled wood, dripping miraculous myrrh & the ticking of thyme.

❦—AROMA FAMILY: o c e a n & l a k e: mermaids & water nymphs, mints & ice—❦

••• Amphitrite ••• (notes: sea breeze, sage, flower & nutmeg) ••• Sea Goddess: Seas of lime & litsea citrus, tossing, turning, crushing sage & nutmeg, with waves of benzoin, sea breeze & ylang ylang.

••• Freyja ••• (notes: peppermint, orange, rose & vanilla) ••• Goddess of Love & War: Golden hair beneath an orange moon, vanilla white snow as chilling as peppermint, soft rose kisses, with hints of fierceness.

••• Mystic Mermaid ••• (notes: ocean, mint, rose & lavender) ••• Elusive, hidden in sea caves & behind seaweed. A chilling wave of peppermint & water mint crushes into soft pink sea roses & lavender, then tumbled with fresh salt from the sea.

••• The Naiads ••• (notes: lime & mint mojito) ••• Fresh Water Nymphs: Wading through breezes of spearmint, chilling and renewing, sweet lime, and soft, soothing lavender.

••• The Nereids ••• (notes: mint, rosemary, lemon & lime) ••• Ocean Nymphs: Luring sailors to the depths of the great blue, salty kisses, refreshing & healing, the Nereids takes you under waves of minty rosemary, softened by shipwrecked lemon & lime.

••• Poseidon ••• (notes: vetiver, rose & lime) ••• Ocean God: Deep sea earth & weed of vetiver, coral that look like roses & lime crashed into seawater from pirate ships of yore.

••• Skadi ••• (notes: peppermint, cedarwood, orange) ••• Winter Goddess: She roams among wolves, scented with chilling peppermint avalanches, woods of cedar, and a light dusting of orange blossom.

••• Tethys ••• (notes: cedar, eucalyptus, patchouli & orange) ••• Sea Goddess: Storms of cedarwood, crushed with awakening eucalyptus, patchouli shipwreck & salted orange seas.



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