scent navigation: sweet & spiced

Earth Goddess Body Shop original scents are arranged into ‘houses’ for easier selection. Each house contains like-scented natural fragrances.

SWEET & SPICED is made of otherworldly scents, like that of succulent fruits & chocolates threaded with spices from a far off land, cakes with figs & cardamom.  Keep in mind, our fragrances are made from 100% real plant matter, meaning the (fake) cardamom, cacao & vanilla you smell in the store differs greatly from our more ‘green’ scents.

Below you will find our spiced scents.

❦—AROMA FAMILY:  s i l k r o a d: deep, exquisite spices from around the world, carried across land, where sweet, exotic fruits bleed into cacao & vanilla, topped with luxurious spice—❦

Absinthe (notes: wormwood, anise, spice & sugar) Hallucinatingly delirious & delicious, unbottle the green faerie & let the visions pour out, anise, mugwort, wormwood & fennel–herbal, green, cinnamony, with hints of clove, poured over a vanilla sugar cube.

• Branwen • (notes: rose, black pepper, cacao) • Love Goddess:  Sensual, parting rose petals, hot and spicy black pepper, dark and rich cocoa & smooth, velvet vanilla.

Butterfly Woman (notes: woods, cardamom, flower & citrus)   Balsams are crushed in petals of palmarosa & geranium, spiced with cardamom, then tumbled in pink grapefruit & bergamot.

••• Caravan ••• (notes: tobacco, chocolate & spice) ••• Through thick forests of cedar, pouring out hazy pipe tobacco, with rich saffron spiced chocolates stained with black vanilla. Deep, bold, decadent, sweet.

Hekate (notes: coffee, spice & citrus) Goddess of Magick & Crossroads:  A bubbling, boldly mysterous cauldron of: black flowers, rotten grapefruits, spicy nutmeg, sweet cinnamon & dark coffee.

Inanna (notes: cacao, cardamom, vanilla & orange) Goddess of Sex: Wet vanilla is drizzled over juicy oranges, trampled in cacao & sweetly spiced with sexy cardamom

Ishtar (notes: cedar, honey & spice) Goddess of Love & War:  Descended into the Underworld, fiery with sexuality & love, thick thighs of cedarwood drenched in honey-like resins, spiced with cardamom & cinnamon.

Juliet (notes: rose & cacao)   Star-cross’d lovers, climbing up a rose trellis, by any other name would smell as sweet, doused in decadent, maddening, arousing chocolate.

Lilith’s Desire (notes: cacao, spice, citrus & herb)  Spicy, sweet, succulent & gourmand with vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, ylang ylang, blood orange, mandarin & a few secret ingredients 😉

Qetesh (notes: jasmine, vanilla & cardamom) Seduction Goddess: Jasmine opens, blossoming in darkness, pinned under steamy vanilla & rich, spicy cardamom

Raven (notes: pumpkin pie, hazelnut & molasses) Spiced pumpkin pie fresh out the oven, topped with molasses & warm vanilla sugar *

Rose & Thorn (notes: rose & tobacco) Reaching out for the soft, unfurling petals of succulent roses, dripping with thick ladbanum & dark, thorny tobacco.

Sultana (notes: coffee, cacao, rose & cardamom)   Served coffee spiced with mouthwatering cardamom, doused in soft rose syrup, drizzled with dark chocolate & sensual vanilla.

Venus (notes: orange, rose & spice) Love Goddess: She sits atop of bed of roses, drenched in orange, tangerine & bergamot sweetness, spiced with delicious cardamom & cinnamon

Witches Brew (notes: coffee, cacao & spice) Bubbling, brewing, delicious dark black coffee stirred into chocolate & vanilla, spiced with cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg & cardamom


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