scent navigation: herbals

Earth Goddess Body Shop original scents are arranged into ‘houses’ for easier selection. Each house contains like-scented natural fragrances.

HERBALS are fresh-pressed herbs, their stems, their leaves, a bit of flower, a taste of citrus.  Keep in mind, our fragrances are made from 100% real plant matter, meaning the (fake) lavender, rose & jasmine you smell in the store differs greatly from our more ‘green’ scents.

Below you will find our herbaceous scents.

❦—AROMA FAMILY:  t h e  g r e e n  d o o r: twisting vine, herb gardens, fresh pressed greens—❦

Cassandra (notes: labdanum, green vine, anise & mandarin) • All-knowing, unseeing, she is thick with dark labdanum, rich, dripping in ecstasy, she speaks through Apollo’s anise in tongues of mandarin.

Cerridwen   (notes: sage, rosewood & petitgrain)   Goddess of Rebirth & Inspiration:   She stirs her cauldron of wisdom & inspiration beneath the light of the moon, smoking wise old white sage, tangled in wood & flower of rose, threads of petitgrain & tangerines unfurl under the lunar light.

••• Epona •••  (notes: opoponax, green vine, juniper woods) •••  Goddess of Horses & Moon:  Riding on horseback through woods of juniper, blossoming citrus trees & their fruit, fields of green opoponax & galbanum, overgrown with moss, she finds fields of roses

Moon Maiden (notes: clary sage, flower & citrus)  Under soft moonlight, reflecting off her crescent face, dress flowing in the wind, the Moon Maiden offers night-blooming flowers to the midnight sky. Soft sandalwood hazes around her like a halo as she lays in herbal fields of clary sage & dreams spiced bergamot dreams.

Pythoness (notes: balsams, clary sage & yarrow)  She speaks, tangles then unravels, thrusts & thrashes, haze of copaiba, peru balsam & clary sage, deep blue yarrow trenches, she speaks in tangerines, & sweet honeyspice of fenugreek.

Sappho   (notes: thyme, myrrh & violet) Her words like honey, sweetened gardens of deep, deep, crushed violets under barefeet, green leaves & roses, their tangled wood, dripping miraculous myrrh & the ticking of thyme.


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