scent navigation: fruity

Earth Goddess Body Shop original scents are arranged into ‘houses’ for easier selection. Each house contains like-scented natural fragrances.

FRUITY are fresh-squeezed fruits, true, unlike their commercial counterparts.  Keep in mind, our fragrances are made from 100% real plant matter, meaning the (fake) lavender, rose & jasmine you smell in the store differs greatly from our more ‘green’ scents.


❦—AROMA FAMILY:  g a r d e n o f e d e n: true fruits, sweet & decadent—❦

 Calliope • (notes: lemon, mandarin & ylang ylang) • She sings in sweet songs of lemon & mandarin, her long dark hair soft in its nest of ylang ylang petal crown.

Demeter (notes: lemongrass, patchouli & ylang ylang) Harvest & Moon Goddess: Sweet and mellow, wading through tall lemongrass, bare feet crushing the soft petals of ylang ylang flowers, you can find the Goddess in the fields of herbal gold, darkened by patchouli leaves.

Penelope (notes: grapefruit, ylang ylang & vanilla) Faithful, beautiful & sweet, the delightful scent of sunny grapefruit & tangerines long await bold ylang ylang & sensual vanilla.

Sunna (notes: lemon & cream) Sun Goddess:  Bright and sunny with lemons & litsea cubeba, with a soft, cloudy haze of sandalwood, vanilla & benzoin resin.  She is an orgasmic delight, sweet but not cloyingly so.

Temptress (notes: lemon, patchouli & vanilla) Sweet, seductive, swaying hips of lemon & litsea, she beckons you inside her cave, deep patchouli and drippings of vanilla


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