scent navigation: earthy

Earth Goddess Body Shop original scents are arranged into ‘houses’ for easier selection. Each house contains like-scented natural fragrances.

Keep in mind, our fragrances are made from 100% real plant matter, meaning the (fake) cedar, patchouli & vetiver you smell in the store differs greatly from our more ‘green’ scents.

Our earthy scents smell like deep dirt, black forest.


❦—AROMA FAMILY:  d e e p  e  a r t h: thick dirt, rich earth, rich smoking black resins—❦

•••Brigid ••• (notes: angelica, myrrh & citrus) ••• Goddess of Healing ••• Tangled angelica root in a cauldron, keeper of the wells & blazing fire, connecting death & rebirth, haze of incense & dirt, blazing blood orange.

••• Circe ••• (notes: patchouli, tobacco, incense) ••• Goddess of Magick:  You are called to her, she disappears in thick haze, entrancing scents & sensations, blazing fire, crackling incense & smoking tobacco, an alluring daze of orange, crushed flower petals & stars of anise.

••• Ceres ••• (notes: clove, rose & orange) ••• Harvest Goddess: Blood oranges, big, bright, full, and soft flowers of palmarosa trampled through cloven woods.

••• Desdemona ••• (notes: patchouli, allspice, jasmine, orange)  ••• She comes out at night to trample through thickets of dark patchouli, shrouded by jasmine & thick smoke of orange, secrets of the darkness, struck down by allspice.

••• Hel ••• (notes: patchouli, labdanum, decaying flower) ••• Underworld Goddess:  Half beautiful woman, dancing in roses, jasmine, squeezed, bright lemon.  Half decaying woman, buried in caves of dirt & light threads of cardamom.

••• Mushroom Tea ••• (notes: green tea, carrot seed, clove, vetiver & citrus) ••• A trippy, deep & damp brew: Green tea infused with forest mushrooms, seed of carrot, smoking cloves, dark vetiver, sweetened with lemon & a touch of bergamot…then trampled in garden dirt.

••• Satyr ••• (notes: tobacco, cognac, hay & spruce) ••• Woodland God: Half human, half goat, he sits on stays of hay beyond woods of black spruce, drunken on flower wine, lustful with blood orange haze.

••• Silvanus ••• (notes: vetiver, cedar, rose) ••• Forest God ••• Found with the wild things through woods of rose bushes & cedar trees, thick & rich with dark, sexy vetiver & dripping, luscious vanilla.  Deep, rich.

••• Zenobia ••• (notes: clove, patchouli, flower) ••• Empress of Palmyrene:  Great Warrior Queen, she slays with violent clove & dark patchouli, trampling fields of lavender & crushing petals of ylang ylang.


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