scent navigation: florals

Earth Goddess Body Shop original scents are arranged into ‘houses’ for easier selection. Each house contains like-scented natural fragrances.

FLORALS are fresh-pressed petals, their stems, their wood; tried & true.  Keep in mind, our fragrances are made from 100% real plant matter, meaning the (fake) lavender, rose & jasmine you smell in the store differs greatly from our more ‘green’ scents.

Below you will find our floral scents.

❦—AROMA FAMILY:  f l o w e r  g a r d e n s: true florals, pure crushed petal, flower vine, soft, flowered earth—❦

Aphrodite (notes: rose, ylang ylang & jasmine)

Goddess of Love:  Born from the sea, bare feet crushing irresistible petals of sensual, sultry flower under silver glimmering moonlight.  She is one of our best sellers.

Chloris (notes: jasmine, ylang ylang & vanilla) Goddess of Flowers:  She awoke in a garden, covered in dew & delicate petal, drizzled in honey of benzoin & vanilla. She is soft & sweet.

Deadly Nightshade • (notes: patchouli, ylang ylang, lavender, jasmine & amber) • Found in the Devil’s Garden, tended year round by ladies, their pupils dilated by belladonna, thick, deep, dark nuances aged to perfection, melting among huge, showy flowers.  She is much deeper, darker than her floral sisters.

Leda (notes: jasmine, yarrow & neroli) Gliding across water, heart-opening white yarrow beneath a crescent moon in a pink sky, blossoms from orange trees, & sultry jasmine petals.

Loventa (notes: geranium, orange, amber & frankincense) When she walks, bright blossoms grow at her feet, warm rosy cheeks & fluttering eyelashes, old Victorian shoppes with sweet amber cakes drizzled in frankincense honey, topped with candied flower.  She is sweet, fresh, clean.

The Muses (notes: ylang ylang, vanilla, vine & balsams) They are born from the ocean, muse of nine, whispering in ears of artists, twirling in flowering vine, melding with sensual flower petals, dripping bean of vanilla & soft, hazy meadows.  She is ethereal.

Ophelia  (notes: jasmine, sandalwood & vanilla) Immersed in a brook beneath a willow tree, surrounded by a garden of flowers, haze of sandalwood, sultry jasmine & vanilla bring you eternal love…

Rhiannon  (notes: neroli, geranium, flower & honey) Goddess of the Moon: They call her white witch, healer, luna lover, blossoming flower of bright pink geranium, yellow ylang ylang, white primroses & neroli, the delicate flowers of the orange tree, basking in benzoin moonlight.  She is fresh, clean.

Selene  (notes: lavender & grapefruit)  Full Moon Goddess: Basking in sleepy lavender & jasmine fields, under dreamy sandalwood fog, by golden grapefruit and orange blossom moonlight.



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