full moon magick

aquarius full moon • l i b e r a t i o n • something is calling you, new, exciting, & you wanna break from the rules that bind you. release, release so you can open to new ideas, new worldly views, new humanitarian actions, release so we can float like air with the changes
the moon turns full around 5:30 am est & is sextile his ruler uranus (yes, yours), & I don’t know bout y’all but I am shedding old relationships that no longer serve me 👋 see ya! and going to party it up unda this powerful full moon (it’s my love’s bday!)
this is the first of three consecutive eclipses but this aquarius lunar eclipse won’t be seen anywhere on earth • august’s full moon is known as the sturgeon moon, green corn moon, & the bear moon, when bears & I forage through berry thickets to put on weight for the winter

today’s plant medicine is valerian, both a brain stimulant & body calmer, used for love, healing & purification ♒️🌕


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