healing with lilith


Lilith.  Her name may conjure a sexual goddess, or a demoness.  Most known by the Judaeo-Christian story of first woman, Adam’s first wife, who was cast from Eden after disobeying him, to dwell in the desert, leading men astray with her lustful nature, & capturing newborns & devouring them. Some reclaim her as a sexual satisfier, Queen of Harlots, pleasing a thousand men a night, to take back the primal, sexual nature of woman.

While Lilith is a primal, sexual being, in her most popular story, she is demonized for saying no.  She says hellllll no.  Adam wants Lilith to submit to him & lay down during sex, making him the dominant one in the relationship.  Lilith laughs in his face.  They begin to fight.  Adam tries to force her into submission.  Lilith raises up, speaks with clarity the magick name of God, and grows wings, flying from Eden, leaving paradise.

God then makes Eve from Adam’s rib, making Eve the lesser being & the subservient wife.

Lilith, on the other hand, was made from the same dirt as Adam, the same primal Earth.  She knew they were equals and she knew she was being enslaved when he said “woman, lie down!”  She had the same wants, the same needs, the same freedoms and the same power as Adam.

She chose to flee, chose the excommunication from flourishing, green Eden to live in the wilderness with ‘unclean’ beasts. Here she can communicate with animals, sync with the cycles of raw nature, see in the depths of night like an owl.

This was quite unacceptable, a woman on her own in nature, in her own nature.  They said she found men sleeping alone, stealing nightly emissions & with this, birthing demons.  They said she captured newborns & devoured them.  This was the price to pay for denying man, exile to a barren wasteland, bound to the night.

But night, night is symbolic of the unknown, symbolic of the mysteries of women, their ability to grow & nourish a human being, their link with cyclic nature, of feeling & renewal, of delving deep to explore the things not clearly illuminated by sun.

Lilith knows the primal urges-sexual urges unbound by childbirth, how to feed herself in the wild, heal herself, exist naked with the other naked beasts.  She knows ecstasy and anger.  She is bold.  She speaks for herself.  She is the darkness, she is the unknown.

Lilith is the one who speaks for women, defends them, speaks what they did not say in the past, could not say, conquers your fears & your past demons.

Connecting with her heals you, heals the generations of women before you, the ones after you.  Heals the voices unheard, the screaming thoughts of unwanted forced entry, be it body or soul, the submissions made to men by women, the obligations of womanhood under patriarchal power.  The wars that subsequently came after the disregard of woman as deities, as powerful figures & identities.  She heals the guilt we feel, the shame of submission, the shame of primal urges & acting on them.  She heals the women who chose life without a man, a partner, life without children, life doing it her own way.  She heals women in shackles, afraid to become themselves, afraid to speak up, take that job, quit that job, have sex with who she wants, say no to who she wants.

She gives you the strength, the courage to liberate yourself.

Set yourself free.

Break free from what binds you.

Seek your desires, whether sexual, primal, badass, bold, on a whole ‘notha level.

She will be your biggest ally & fear’s biggest threat.

Lilith’s Desires is crafted with our house blend of nine sacred flowers.  Ultra-soothing, healing marshmallow root infuses in delicate plant oils, along flowers of honeysuckle, hibiscus, chamomile, calendula, helichrysum, elder, jasmine, lavender, roses & their hips.  Heart-opening cacao blossoms with ylang ylang flowers, sultry bean of vanilla & big, bold cinnamon.  Blood oranges & mandarins drip down secret, special ingredients, like deep resins & bark.

Use Lilith’s Desires for self-love ritual work: sacred self massage, healing dry skin, running through your hair for a natural, intimate perfume.  Anoint your sacred objects.  Find within her, within her wild, delectable scent, freedom, liberation, healing powers, authority over your life, synchronicity with nature & darkness, your secret, deep, dark desires.

(Don’t use on your vulva–oils shouldn’t be used because it can throw off your yoni’s natural chemistry.  If you need help with natural lubrication, I recommend our Wild One Tisane featuring spicy, sexy herbs to highly arouse & cause extreme wetness.  She cannot be sold on our Etsy shop due to the presence of damiana so you can find her in our StorEnvy shop or contact us for purchase.


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