In my garden, when breezes move, I taste autumn, the fruit of the wild, the ending of my hot plants, the beginning of my cool.  At night, sometimes, I feel the chill of autumn.  Oh, it’s fucking delicious.

And September, what a month: she slays me, stuck between, the sun, the moon, they unearth the earth, they bring chills to our spines at moon but sink our toes into warm sand at sun.

September, she will be a magnificent display of moon faces.

The first & last days of September are new moons, the latter called the black moon.

The first new moon arrives at 5:03 am est in the perfectionist sign of Virgo, the north node, creating a solar eclipse just four minutes after she turns new. This is a wonderful placement for growth & spiritual evolution — organization, determination & perfecting the details to your big picture is totally in right now.  It’s also time to face the truths you’ve been avoiding for some time.  Scary, yes, but harness the Virgo moon energy, where the Sun is housed, Mercury will be in retrograde, and Jupiter nourishes.  Venus is just a constellation away in Libra, beautiful, loving Libra.  This will be a beautiful moment if you let yourself release the old to accept the new changes in your life.

Mercury retro won’t be terrible–his placement ain’t bad–you’ll feel love, luck, abundance, self expression if you harness the energy & turn inwards, leaving expectations behind & roll with the punches.  He turns direct Sept 22nd.

A full moon on a Friday at 3:05 pm est on September 16th is in Pisces, the south node, bringing about release.  Moon opposes Mercury, Neptune & Jupiter, making this a tricky emotional vs logical debate in your head–you may feel sensitive, judgemental, ready to put someone in a box because of something they did, said, that you felt some type of way about.  You may want to have a spiritual debate or dialogue about life but don’t take things to hear, don’t hold on to things.  Release, release is important in this watery, dreamy, intuitive sign.

Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, hello Autumnal Equinox, & Mercury goes direct with a Gemini moon trine Venus, opposing Mars & sextile Uranus, shaking things up!  You’ll feel all sortsa back & forth, restless while lovable, easily excitable & angered.  It’s a better day for lounging around with a good movie & someone (or thing) you love, writing or communicating via computers than traveling, going to parties & other super social stuff.

Finally, on the 30th, the black moon rises in Libra, a time of darkness, of change–you may want to hold & hug loved ones close, want that perfect harmony.  This moon is too real for me to talk about.

Plant medicine:  Blackthorn . . . feminine, earth & water, ruled by Saturn, its fruit by Mars, sacred to fierce warriors like Maeve, mother of pearl, dark green malachite, blood red & purple, underworld Goddesses


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