april’s blossoming fragrances

BUTTERFLY WOMAN / Sweet, sugary balsams drip like honey, thick thighs of cardamom rooted in beds of palmarosa, geraniums & bergamot, with two juicy pink grapefruits & transformative wings

LADY OF THE FLOWERS / She lays in fresh fields of blue, purple & pink, soft herbal lavender & bright geranium grown besides palmarosa & sweet sweet oranges

THE ANTHEIA / Sweet, delicious, they dance in fields of lavender, bright & beautiful, soft, sensual vanilla & the sweetest litsea citrus squeeze beneath barefeet

CHLORIS / Sultry jasmine is drenched with honey benzoin, petals of ylang ylang crushed beneath tangerines blossoming in the garden of the goddess herself.

INANNA / Thick, delicious cacao & velvet vanilla are crushed by spicy, fierce beds of cardamom & juicy oranges

PYSCHE / Bright, mind opening, truth seeking & knowing, pulled into the underworld & then pushed back to life, gaining wings, knowledge, intuition, the resins of Frankincense & elemi, high vibrations of lavender & tangerine.

PYTHIA / When Apollo spoke, he spoke through her, through fits of ecstasy, through haze of sandalwood & amber, wet petals of night-blooming jasmine, thick patchouli & galbanum, a full moon of grapefruit, and Apollo’s sacred bay leaf / topped with bay leaf, sparkles & orange peel

PASITHEA / Goddess of deep meditation, of myrrh & of frankincense, of roses, chamomile & cedarwood, and a hint of sandalwood / topped with copal, mugwort & orange peel

PYTHONESS / She speaks, tangles then unravels, thrusts & thrashes, haze of copaiba, peru balsam & clary sage, deep blue yarrow trenches, she speaks in tangerines, & sweet honeyspice of fenugreek.

SAPPHO / Her words like honey, sweetened gardens of deep, deep, crushed violets under barefeet, green leaves & roses, their tangled wood, dripping miraculous myrrh & the ticking of thyme.

POSEIDON / deep sea earth & weed of vetiver, coral that look like roses & lime crashed into seawater from pirate ships of yore.

CALLIOPE / She sings in sweet songs of lemon & mandarin, her long dark hair soft in its nest of ylang ylang petal crown.

CASSANDRA / Unseen, all-knowing, she is thick with dark labdanum, rich, dripping, she speaks through Apollo’s anise, in tongue of mandarin shades.

AMPHITRITE / Seas of lime & litsea citrus, tossing, turning, crushing sage & nutmeg, with waves of benzoin, sea breeze & ylang ylang

HERNE THE HUNTER / Dark lost woods, thick forest of black spruce, musk of spikenard & elemi hidden within the shadows.

CERRENOUS / Man of the woods, cloaked in dark vetiver, woods of cedar thick with horned fauna & green flora, awakening sprigs of rosemary & hints of tangerine root.

GREEN MAN / Cloven woods of smoking dirt, thick cedar trees where he grows his seed of green, fir woods beyond and beyond


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