spring renewal

As spring sprouts & renews life, your body aches for a renewal. Spring is an essential time for detoxing the body.


KORE FACE MASK / gentle enough for sensitive skin / rose clay, rosehips, green tea, banana, chrysthanemum, with oils of neroli & french lavender / detoxing, soothing, softening, healing \ before Persephone is snatched into the Underworld, transforming her consciousness, she is the maiden Kore who spends her days grazing upon the gardens of flowing meadows with a softness about the world, a happiness in each pluck of a flower. Let her pure, renewing magick soothe your skin & nourish your soul. 1 oz or 2 oz

DIONYSUS DETOX TISANE / roots of burdock, ginger, dandelion, licorice & nettle, the bark of white willow, the peel of lemon, hips of rose & calendula flowers create a rooty brew for detoxing the liver, kidney, bladder, GI tract & blood, aiding in immune function, circulation, & relieving water retention. 1 oz

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