brewed, blossomed & ready for picking

Goddesses & Queens are honored with new blends that have brewed for many moons & have only recently been cracked open from their crypt for sensual sensations.


BELISAMA: There is thickness in the sweet caramel song she sings, golden cinnamon spiced with threads of fenugreek through vanilla cakes.

EPONA: Riding on horseback through woods of juniper, blossoming citrus trees, fields of green opoponax & galbanum, overgrown with moss.

LADY OF THE LAKE:  She lays in wait beneath the surface, reflections & ripples, soft mists & lily pads of slight spearmint.

ZENOBIA: The Great Warrior Queen, violent clove & patchouli are trampled in herbal fields of lavender & crushed petals of ylang ylang.

THE TEMPTRESS: Sweetened beds of patchouli drizzled, poured, drenched now in soft, delightful vanilla honey, and the peels of lemon squeeze.


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