february scent blossoms


Brewing & infusing for many moons, these scents were cracked open at the dawn of the second month & found pleasing to my senses. They are scents of spring & great awakenings.

CERRIDWEN: Cerridwen stirs her cauldron of wisdom & inspiration beneath the light of the moon, wise old white sage & rosewood, beside rose, petitgrain & tangerines.

DESDEMONA: Through thickets of dark patchouli, secrets of the night, shaded by pungent jasmine, thick smoke of orange & struck down by allspice.

HEQET: Sitting atop an open lotus, the frog goddess of blossoming spring & fertility, she is green with fennel, cypress & threads of soft pink flower.

RHIANNON: The White Witch, of blossoming neroli, geraniums, sweet benzoin, ylang ylang & soft primrose.

TOMYRIS: Empress who defeated the Cyrus the Great, rich and royal in frankincense, threads of silken orange, & crushed petals of ylang ylang.

New products:

SNAKE OIL: cedarwood, vanilla, violet, verbena, pomegranate, grape seed, argan, golden jojoba, macadamia nut

HELEN OF TROY FACE MASK: Guava, rose hips, neroli, grape seed, green tea, lemon peel, turmeric, arrowroot, banana & chamomile


What else is brewing inside the cauldron:

Botanical roll on perfumes are coming back/ Slide tins for lip enchantments & salves / 2 oz glass jars / Some recreations of old scents

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