moon energy

Picking pussy willows under a rising waxing moon in a deep blue sky, reading of wild women.  The last snowstorm was February heavy, a deep coating of white coral on trees & it snapped the neck of this budding willow so I harvested its branches of fuzzy pussy bud & arranged a bouquet and some for a frame for the artwork print I received from Poison Apple Printshop today.

I have been tired for days. Today I crawled into my cave — tomorrow I will awaken, open up & find the sorrows and joys of the woods we once walked as coven sisters. I will then walk into the lab of herbal creation to fill orders & photograph some new & old items.

My love for life grows with each day of the Chakra challenge I have half-assed but become to understand.  I am now home sweet home while my dear has a handle on his sickness. We hope for a good outcome during his CAT scan.

I am so happy for the love & support I have gotten from Earth Goddess’s customers & friends. Thank you all so much. I can’t wait til I can thrive under the spring sun & dole out all your favorite scents for healing skin.

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