healing with 3

Maiden – ripening sexuality, vibrant, direction, play time, working towards a goal

Mother – fullness, abundance, nurturing

Crone – healing, wisdom, the ability to not care about our outward appearance or how others see us

I believe we can be any & all. One in each area of our lives as we manage this new..world. I was, always was feeling ugly..not good enough.. not fit enough. squats & all that bullshit. obsessing about the image of your ass in the mirror, growing, growing, gone. breasts too saggy for television.  pores.  hair that doesn’t work. not wanting to spend money to fix all this. make up. all that shit. but now, now I am crone. I am ugly and basking in what it is to be ugly. it’s not bad, not shameful. my beauty comes from the light in my eyes, the joy, the soulful. dead eyes, dead eyes are ugly. eyes that drown themselves in olay, a company that tells you your eyes aren’t  supposed to show your age. the same new shit that tells us women dare not have hair – how unhygienic! woman humans aren’t supposed to grow hair there!  it’s like they want us all hairless & white. young. they’d fuck em as young as they come if it was allowed. no, I am crone.  I apply make up when I want, not as a face, nor an enhancement. i feel no obligation to pluck and squeeze and hold a razor to my skin and look in the mirror for what could be better, perfected, obsessed over. I am crone, I am ugly, and I am proud.

but i am still maiden, shaking in my bare feet as my mother aches inside me, calling me home, home, home.


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