lip enchantments


ABSINTHE / Delicious vanilla sugar cube with anise, fennel & wormwood poured over, spiced with cinnamon & clove, peppermint and lavender.

BLACK MOON / cacao vanilla chai

BLOOD MOON / blood orange, mandarin, tangerines & oranges

CALYPSO / Island Goddess – piña colada

FIRE / Spicy cinnamon ~ tingles & plumps your lips a bit

GARDEN / Fields of blooming flowers, blossoming & beckoning with the sun, petals of pink rose & geranium, with soft whispers of ylang ylang.

ICE / A taste of winter, chilled over with tingling peppermint.

JULIET / By any other name she would still smell as sweet, of star-cross’d lovers, drenched in chocolate, climbing up a rose trellis / infused with rose petals & cacao powder

MARIE ANTOINETTE / Let them use cake ~ vanilla cake with a hint of chocolate ~ royally delicious

MOON / vanilla chai

MOSS / Lush, green carpets of forest floors, the thickness of vetiver combined with luscious lavender ~ *heavy* & deep

MUSHROOM TEA / Deep, earthy clove, carrot seed & vetiver dipped in steamy green tea then squeezed with bergamot & lemon

THE NAIADS / Fresh water sprites & cool breeze ~ the delicious tingling sensation of a spearmint, lime mojito with a touch of lavender

POISON APPLE / Bite into apples picked from wilding trees, then feel the dark, spicy ginger take over

SORCERER’S BREW / A steaming concoction of mint & chocolate

STRAWBERRY MOON / Summertime strawberries baked into shortcakes & topped with dreamy vanillati

SUNSHINE / a delicious, delightful luscious blend of soft vanilla, sweet lemon & soothing, herbal lavender

VELVET / unscented/no essential oils

VILLAINESS / Sweet watermelon

VIXEN / Grapefruit, chamomile & cardamom are a refreshing combo

WITCH’S BREW / Thick, dark brewed coffee with hints of chocolate, vanilla & spice

WOODS / Deep woods of healing myrrh & thick clove



DAHLIA / {pink tint} pink grapefruit

BLACK HELLEBORE / {black tint} black pepper & anise

IVY / {green tint} spearmint & spirulina

BLOODFLOWER / {red tint} nutmeg & vanilla

BELLADONNA / {mauve tint} cardamom & rose

FOXGLOVE / {coral tint} lemon

LILAC / {purple tint} lavender

LOTUS / {light pink tint} light ylang ylang scent


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