what i can remember, what i can forget


memories of fall

these pictures hold a thousand feelings

all heart-scooping


the colors of the leaves

trees changing

cemeteries you soon would need but wouldn’t be



you will never roam the earth or be buried in it

you were burned

like the witch

They hold urns

I hold nothing but memories


these images hold feelings

the green, yellow, orange, red


the state we searched for ourselves

you looked for books

and I, shadows

I was on an inner journey

You, an outer

These faces of fall

It ended so abruptly

I will see you again

not in skies but in

forests changing

but this time you will listen

Or you will speak

like always

When it turns,

when the colors set fire

and the air cools with spirit

and ghosts at your back

(you are one)

(I keep forgetting)

I will run to you

I will find you again

In the pages of Salem

its corners

its shade

I will find you in everything, everyone

I will confide in you

I will roll around and bleed with you

I will stumble down hills with you

I will drink spiced mead with you

I will find the breeze of you

I will forever live the good side of

The Black Raven

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