New At The Shop


SCRUB JARS ARE IN!  We’ve had problems with our recycled resin jars leaking when wild body scrubs are captured inside so we’ve upgraded to glass canning jars.  Completely leak-proof, its magical essence & exquisite oils are unleashed only when tops are off & you are safe in your tub.  Glass jars are cushioned inside a gift-giving box, then tied with jute & raffia, and labeled with recycled paper.  Pictures of final product coming soon 😉  For now, enjoy this rainbow of scrubs.

scrubbNEW FRAGRANCE!  CYBELE:  Goddess of Wild Mountains & Lions – Smoky woods, bonfires, mountains, nutmeg, hazelnut & cinnamon.  Dark, bold but sweet.

She comes in body scrub form, full of toxin-pulling black lava salt & healing St. John’s Wort.  Find her here.

IMG_1759SHE’S BACK!  Formerly known as Pirate’s Booty, this was one of our best-selling & first scrubs.  She now owns the name ANNE BONNY, fearless pirate of the Caribbean Sea, she heals, tones & brightens with an extra dose of golden jojoba oil and expensive essential oils.  She is a citrus woods blend, preventing scurvy & boosting confidence with a buccaneer’s crooked smile.  Find her here.



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