Welcome To The Woods


They say she lives in a grass alcove beneath twigs and flowering shrubs, wild white roses lingering in the air, and pine needles to blanket her with the bunnies and the birds.  Amongst moss carpets growing on oak trees and gardens of wildflowers, she harvests fungus from fallen trees and loamy dirt, and picks the berries from fruiting flora.

They say if you find her, she leads you through trampled roots curling into deep Earth, past winding creeks singing a soft song.  She brings you to a table shielded by a canopy of green, surrounded by rainbow flowers.  A table decorated with teacups and a teapot–steaming green tea, clumped dirt and mushrooms, smoking cloves and grass of vetiver, squeezed with sweet lemon and a bit of sugar.

They say you will never leave, the air too fresh, the dirt too wet for a bed that isn’t in flowers, a bath that isn’t in water running through stones, and a kitchen that is not the Great Mother Earth’s.

They say if you enter the forest, your soul lives there forever.

Find Mushroom Tea in your cup, full of salt from the sea, unadulterated sugar, and oils of hemp seed & grape seed, as a delightful, delicious body scrub.  Sweet but woodsy, she makes your skin feel and look extra smooth & nourished.


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